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Walero Temperature Regulating Pants


Active temperature control       

Walero uses NASA Developed technology, Outlast®, to actively regulate your body’s core temperature and skins microclimate. By managing these factors Walero baselayers have been shown to reduce heart rates by up to 8% and perspiration rates by up to 40%. As a result the body is put under less strain. This allows the wearer to perform better, for longer and also reduces the affects of heat stress and fatigue.

Tailored for comfort       

Walero race underwear has been tailored for a superior fit with flat-lock seams and super-soft fabric to ensure maximum ease of movement and palpable comfort from start to finish.

Freshness beyond the finish line                

Treated with Envirotex, This cutting-edge, hospital-grade antimicrobial is 99.999% effective against many common bacteria as well as many fungal spores and viruses, as well as being non-toxic and eco-friendly. Keeping you fresher, longer!

Protection when needed

Ready to face the unexpected, Walero base layers are quality-assured and have been tested and approved to FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3, which means they are fully flame-retardant and fully approved for racing worldwide.

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