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The New Snell SA2015 Standard for Auto Racing Helmet

Mon, 2015-11-16

Snell Foundation Finalizes SA2015 Standard

The Snell Memorial Foundation, Inc. has finalized its SA2015 Standard for Protective Headgear which applies to auto racing helmets. However, although there are several changes in test requirements and procedures from the current SA2010 Standard, Snell certified auto racing helmets are expected to stay very much the same as they are now.

Changes include:

  • SA2015 helmets must be ready for the addition of frontal restraint tether hardware such

    as used in HANS® and other systems.

  • SA2015 includes provisions for “Low Velocity” impact testing.

  • SA2015 includes “Low Lateral” impacts in case of strikes against side window frames and

    similar structures.

    The projected timeline for SA2015 is as follows:

    • SA2015 Certification testing has already begun.

    • SA2015 Certified helmets will not be available for sale until October 1, 2015, when the

      standard takes effect.

      Our advice to Safety Inspectors and Racing Authorities is that they continue to accept helmets in good condition and certified either to the current or immediately previous Snell standard. At this time, SA2010 is the current Snell standard and SA2005 is the immediately previous.

      Snell urges everyone to replace their Snell certified helmets routinely no later than five years after the helmet is first worn. However, even by this conservative advice, many current SA2010 certified helmets still have years of service in them. Unless a helmet has been damaged, or has five or more years of use, or is no longer accepted by safety inspectors or track authorities, there may be no need to replace it.

      Please direct any questions, comments and requests for copies of the SA2015 Standard to info@smf.org or call 916-331-5073. 

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Advantage of Autotel Digital Radio

Mon, 2015-11-16

Why use digital radio

Digital radio has major advantages for motor racing team use, the inherent noise cancelling of digital systems combined with our noise cancelling technology provides much clearer and higher quality communication in high noise environments than analogue radio. 
The rejection of interference from other users and the ability of a 2 car team to use one radio channel and one repeater* also offers major benefits including cutting radio licence fees in half. Our RACE 9000 / NX9000 single seater and Race9100 / NX9100 GT systems also benefits from the latest digital signalling technology to give 2 button Pit/car facility, avoiding the need for scanning radio channels previously used in analogue systems which introduced delays and partly lost communications.

The NX9000 system also offers Digital, Analogue or mixed digital /analogue modes making it ideal for migration from analogue to digital by using your existing analogue pit radios.

All this helps provide a more flexible and usable solution to every teams communication needs.

 Key Benefits

Single repeater has 2 channels...
2 conversations can take place on one radio channel at once, ideal for 2 car teams. *

Car and Pit calls can be monitored without scanning...
No more lost first words from slow scanning.

Secure, digital conversations...
No more eavesdropping.

Clear, crisp, digital conversation...
Consistent voice quality and volume.

Inherent digital noise cancelling... 
Ideal for high noise applications.

Analogue Mode...
Existing analogue equipment can be integrated into system.

Immunity to interference.
Digital radio is far less likely to be affected by pit lane interference.

 * Race 9000 only

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